Self Love


Lack of Self Love Signs

  • being withdrawn
  • constantly stressed out
  • feeling unworthy
  • self doubt
  • hypercritical of yourself or others
  • a follower
  • feel unloved or unlovable
  • worry more about your failures than accomplishments
  • abrupt with others

If you exhibit 4 or more of the above signs you many need to work on your self love!

Many women and men don’t actually see their value and worth!

Lack of Self Love Effects

  • fosters negativity
  • effects your physical, mental, and spiritual health
  • increases in shame, toxicity, fatigue, and exhaustion
  • dependent on others
  • more susceptible to toxic relationships
  • taken advantage of

Before you can receive love and respect from others, you need to love and respect yourself first.

Why is Self Love Important?

  • prevents burnout
  • keeps you in the present moment
  • teaches you acceptance
  • motivates you to make healthy life choices
  • eliminates toxic relationships
  • cultivates a mindset of gratitude
  • others opinions hold a lesser value
  • you know who you want to be
  • become conscious of the things you spend your time on
  • embrace challenges
  • less critical of others
  • healthier relationships with others

No one is responsible for their own happiness expect themselves!

Ways to Practice Self Love

  • yoga
  • meditation
  • getting a massage
  • affirmations
  • hire a life coach
  • essential oils
  • reading
  • doing something fun
  • exercise
  • go on vacation
  • sleep
  • spend time in nature
  • practice mindfulness
  • journal
  • practice gratitude
  • drink water
  • take a bath

Self Love is appreciating yourself and appreciating life. Self Love is NOT Selfishness.

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