FEELINGS Collection by Young Living

Do you feel like you need to hit the reset button?

Have you been surrounded by negative energy lately?

Young Living has a collection JUST FOR YOU!

The FEELINGS collection inspires emotional well-being, promotes peaceful thoughts, and promotes spiritual harmony.

The FEELINGS collection includes:

  • Harmony 5 ml
  • Forgiveness 5 ml
  • Inner Child 5 ml
  • Present Time 5 ml
  • Release 5 ml
  • Valor 5 ml


  • re-establish connections by balancing the energy centers or chakras
  • ease stress
  • free emotional blocks


  • supports the ability to forgive yourself and others
  • letting go of negative emotions
  • supports personal growth

Inner Child

  • reconnect with inner self
  • emotional balance
  • encourage you to connect with your authentic self

Present Time

  • helps you focus on the present


  • facilitates letting go of anger and frustration
  • promotes harmony and balance


  • balances and equalizes your body’s energy
  • provides courage
  • eases anxiety
  • gives a mood boost
  • balances your spirit

How To Use- The Steps

1. Put VALOR on the soles of your feet at night. If you have the HIGHEST POTENTIAL BLEND, then also put that on your feet.

Suggested Affirmations:

  • I am ready to transform my life.
  • I choose to have the courage to make changes in my life.

2. Massage HARMONY on the 7 energy center points on your body. They are: coccyx, sacrum, lower back, dorsal (heart), neck, base of your skull where your hairline is.

Suggested Affirmations

  • I allow myself to stand firmly on the Earth, in perfect balance and harmony.
  • I trust that my needs are always met
  • I have the confidence to express myself creatively.
  • I claim the power to transform my life.
  • My heart is open fully to give and receive love.
  • I communicate with clarity and freedom of expression.

3. Apply FORGIVENESS with your right hand clockwise 3 times around your belly button.

Suggested Affirmations:

  • I forgive myself for allowing people to affect my health and happiness.
  • I forgive other people for any harm they may have caused you.
  • I am thankful for life’s experiences and the lessons they teach.

4. Apply a few drops of RELEASE over your liver area.

Suggested Affirmations:

  • I choose to release all anger from my liver
  • It is safe for me to release all anger I have.
  • I now choose to release all resentment I have.

5. Apply 3 drops of PRESENT TIME clockwise on the palm of your hand and apply to your sternum (chest), wrist and behind your ears.

Suggested Affirmations:

  • I let go of the past.
  • I allow the future to unfold with ease.

6. Place 1 drop of INNER CHILD under your nose.

Suggested Affirmations:

  • I am ready to face my deepest secrets.

7. Re-apply VALOR on the soles of your feet.

You can apply the kit as many times as you want a day!, but it is suggested to at least use the kit morning and night.

Be prepared for an emotion detox!!!!

Young Living Essential Oils

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