Everything Seems To Be Falling Apart

Why is this happening to me? Why does everything seem to be falling apart?

How many times have you said this to yourself over the course of your life?

Some days, weeks, even months it just seems like you can’t catch a break!

So why is this happening????


When something bad happens to us we seem to dwell on it. That leads to negative energy resulting in more negative things happening to you.


The Universe does not understand the difference between positive and negative energy.

The Universe matches the energy you are admitting at that very moment!!

If you are experiencing negative emotions such as stress, annoyance, and anger, the Universe is going to match that negative energy and give you more situations that trigger stress, annoyance, and anger.

If you are experiencing positive emotions such as happiness, excitement, joy, and love, the Universe is going to match that positive energy and give you more situations that trigger more happiness, excitement, joy, and love.

So what should you do if something negative happens to you?

1. Most of the time, the negative situation that happens to you is out of your control. Do not dwell on it! You can not control something that is out of your control.

2. Everything that happens in your life occurred to teach you something. Find the teaching lesson.

3. If the negative situation is because someone did wrong by you, forgive them so the anger you feel does not remain inside you. Forgiving is different than forgetting though. You can forgive the person for the harm they caused you, but choose not to surround yourself with that person anymore. You are solely forgiving them so that you can let go of the negative emotions you feel about the situation.

4. Sometimes negative situations happen because the Universe is trying to wake us up. You could be on the wrong path to your divine purpose.

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