Why Should I Forgive Someone Who Does Not Deserve It?

A common question I am asked is, “Why should I forgive someone who does not deserve it?”

The answer is simple…

When you hold onto anger/resentment you are only hurting yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually.

For example…

…your sister spent the past 20 years hurting you, bullying you, and blaming you for everything and anything that happens.

It would be so easy to be angry and stay angry at her right?

But, that means every time you see her, you will have an angry look on your face or you will purposely not go to a family event because she is there.

Anger is a negative emotion which will bring down your vibration.

You are only hurting yourself by doing that!!!

Forgiving her would look something like this.

Going to the family event or being in the same room with her and being happy. If she speaks to you, you respond and either stay in the conversation or remove yourself from her and walk away.


The Universe only knows what you are putting out into the Universe and it matches that vibration level. If you are putting out negative vibrations, you will get more negative vibrations. If you are putting out positive vibrations, you will get more positive vibrations.

Dr. Jessica provides coaching sessions for anyone who struggles with this.

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