28 Affirmations For Healthy Body Image

  1. I love my body.
  2. I am perfect and complete just the way I am.
  3. My life is a vessel for awesomeness
  4. My brain is my sexiest body part.
  5. No one has the power to make me feel bad about myself.
  6. My opinion of myself is the only one that counts.
  7. I eat a variety of foods for my health, wellness, and enjoyment.
  8. I deserve to be treated with love and respect.
  9. My body can do awesome things.
  10. My body is a gift. I treat it with love and respect.
  11. I trust the wisdom of my body.
  12. I love and respect myself.
  13. Others opinions of my body do not affect or involve me.
  14. Being skinny or fat is not my identity. I am identified by who I am on the inside, a loving, wonderful person.
  15. I am comfortable in my own skin.
  16. I am compassionate and warm.
  17. I love my body as it is today.
  18. Food is not my enemy and I thank the food I eat for nourishing me.
  19. Society has taught me to hate my body. Today, I declare that I love my body because it is amazing.
  20. My worth is not defined by my weight. I define my worth.
  21. I am worthy.
  22. Love fills every inch of my skin and I feel the love inside of my body.
  23. I accept my body the way it is.
  24. I am beautiful.
  25. My body is perfect the way that it is.
  26. I feel amazing in my body.
  27. I am confident in my body.
  28. Body, I promise to love and cherish you always. I am sorry for ever being cruel to you and ask for forgiveness.

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