Meditation: Mind and Body

Meditation : Mind and Body

Our minds and bodies are connected.

Have you ever noticed that when you are feeling bad, you get sick within that same week?

That is because when you are unhappy, your body becomes weak and more susceptible to illness.

Meditation is about staying present, getting a healthy sense of perspective, and learning to observe without judgment. It allows you to stay in-tune with your body. When we feel pain, we get into a negative mood. When we are in a negative mood, we feel pain. It is a vicious cycle that has to be broken.


  • decrease blood pressure
  • increase immunity
  • improves sleep
  • promotes healthy emotions
  • lowers cortisol levels
  • improve chronic pain
  • enhances self-awareness
  • may reduce age related memory loss
  • helps control pain
  • encourages positive thinking
  • decrease stress and anxiety
  • allows us to have a clearer mind

3 Types of Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation

  • This form of meditation you can do anywhere!
  • being aware of existing surroundings such as your breathing and any emotions you have during circumstances that are happening around you.

Metta Meditation 

  • also known as loving-kindness meditation
  • the goal is to have an attitude of love and kindness towards everything and everyone, especially sources of stress or people we consider our enemies

Body Scan and Progressive Relaxation

  • this type of meditation encourages people to scan their bodies for areas of tension
  • The goal is to notice tension and allow it to be released

Self Care Shouldn’t Be A Luxury!

You deserve the space to talk about life challenges without judgement. 

With coaching at Self Compassion LLC, you can have your sessions during work breaks or after hours on your couch or bed. 

It is time to break generational patterns and consciously create a new version of yourself.

*PLEASE NOTE: The information provided during your session or on this website is from a spiritual perspective. This information is not intended to replace medical or psychological diagnosis. I do not diagnose nor will I interfere with a medical diagnosis. You alone are responsible for your own choices, decisions, or actions in life and you agree to this statement in order to work with me.

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