Affirmations For Boundary Setting

  1. I am worthy and deserving of setting and maintaining boundaries that serve me
  2. It is easy for me to share my boundaries with others
  3. Each and every day I am becoming clearer and clearer about the boundaries that serve me
  4. The more I love myself, the more I enjoy loving, supportive relationships with life and others.
  5. I honor myself by honoring my boundaries
  6. I feel more confident when I honor my boundaries
  7. I now give myself permission to set boundaries that support myself, my soul, my business, and my life
  8. My boundaries help me take loving care of my body, mind, and soul each and everyday
  9. I have a right to my feelings.
  10. I forgive myself for things I cannot change. I use my power to intentionally create my future moving forward.
  11. I am strong
  12. I listen to my intuition
  13. I am safe.
  14. I am divinely protected and supported.
  15. The past has no power over my present. I can choose who and how I want to be in each new moment.
  16. I love myself.
  17. I create healthy, happy experiences in my life.
  18. My feelings are my compass. I trust how I feel.

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