57 Affirmations For Breakups

  1. I am a being of love
  2. I am loved and lovable
  3. I forgive myself
  4. I will heal From this
  5. This happened for a reason
  6. I forgive my ex
  7. I am excited about this new beginning
  8. I am capable of loving again
  9. I am completely whole and perfect by myself
  10. I am learning to love myself unconditionally
  11. It is getting easier day by day
  12. I am enough
  13. I love life
  14. I trust myself
  15. I have a lot to offer
  16. When I bring myself to grief, it is healing
  17. I have power over my own life
  18. My wounds are healing
  19. I am deserving of love
  20. I am releasing the past
  21. Love guides all my relationships
  22. I release my past
  23. I am learning to trust myself
  24. There is something better waiting for me
  25. There is something better waiting for me
  26. I am whole on my own
  27. I will love again
  28. I matter
  29. I enjoy spending time with myself
  30. I am free to be the best version of me
  31. I am infinitely deserving of love
  32. I am likable, lovable, and worthy of love
  33. I will be better than I have ever been before
  34. I am finding peace
  35. I am allowing myself to feel joy, laugh, and smile
  36. I am working on me, for me
  37. I am allowing myself to feel all my emotions
  38. My heart is opening up to new possibilities
  39. I am capable of trusting again
  40. I am healed
  41. I attract positive and healthy relationships
  42. This is just a small part of my story
  43. I am learning to trust the process
  44. I know I have worth and value
  45. I am healing more and more every day
  46. I am allowing myself to let go
  47. I am an attractive person
  48. I will open my heart when I am ready
  49. I give all relationships my all
  50. I am loved
  51. I am becoming stronger
  52. Everything is unfolding as it is supposed to
  53. I honor the love I shared
  54. I can find happiness in any situation
  55. I am grateful for the lessons
  56. I am excited to start my new life
  57. I choose happiness, health, and harmony

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