Things To Do On Valentine’s Day For the SINGLES

I always called Valentine’s Day a “hallmark holiday” because when you are in a relationship, you should love, respect, and spoil that special person everyday.

But, Valentine’s Day can be a depressing day for some people who are single and have no one to celebrate the day with.

Just because you are not in a relationship on Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your day.

Things To Do On Valentine’s Day For the SINGLES

  1. SPA DAY!!!!!!
  2. Go on a shopping spree!
  3. Nice, relaxing bath (oo la la)
  4. Buy yourself flowers
  5. If you have a child/ren, take them on a date
  6. Buy yourself something you want
  7. Go for a walk on the beach, at the park, or anywhere relaxing
  8. Dress up in your finest clothes and take yourself out to dinner
  9. Enjoy being single
  10. Order a movie and take in
  11. Host a singles-only party
  12. Go on a mini-vacation
  13. Sign up for a boutique workout
  14. Book a massage
  15. Plan a date with your best friend
  16. Volunteer at a local nursing home
  17. Catch up on sleep
  18. Go to a comedy show
  19. Splurge on a nice piece of jewelry
  20. Have a bomb fire and relax outside
  21. Explore a new neighborhood
  22. Buy yourself Young Living Essential Oils ❤

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