Solar Chakra Affirmations

Solar Chakra Affirmations

  • I Act with Courage
  • I Act with Courage and Confidence
  • I Will Be Myself
  • I Will Achieve My Goals Successfully
  • I Will Achieve Success
  • I Will Never Give Up
  • I Will With Confidence
  • I Have Will Power
  • I Am Authentic
  • I Am Focused
  • I Am Strong
  • I Focus on Positive Outcomes
  • I Have the Power to Manifest My Dreams
  • I Make My Own Choices
  • I Use My Personal Power For Good
  • I Take Full Responsibility of My Life
  • I Am Empowered
  • I Am Centered
  • Success Comes Easily To Me
  • I Act With Enthusiasm and Determination
  • I Act Courageously
  • I Act with Confidence
  • I Act According to My Highest Good

*PLEASE NOTE: The information provided during your session or on this website is from a spiritual perspective. This information is not intended to replace medical or psychological diagnosis. I do not diagnose nor will I interfere with a medical diagnosis. You alone are responsible for your own choices, decisions, or actions in life and you agree to this statement in order to work with me.

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