Motivation Affirmations

  1. am in the process of positive change.
  2. I am deeply fulfilled by all that I do.
  3. I know that I am already successful.
  4. I release all negative thoughts of the past and all worries about the future.
  5. My life gets better all the time.
  6. I fully accept myself and know that I am worthy of great things in life.
  7. I am whole.
  8. I fill my mind with positive and nourishing thoughts.
  9. I am grounded in the experience of the present moment.
  10. I am focused and engaged in the task at hand.
  11. I accept and embrace all experiences, even unpleasant ones.
  12. I observe my emotions without becoming attached to them.
  13. Every day I am more and more at ease.
  14. I am calm, happy, and content.
  15. I am constantly discovering new ways to improve my health.
  16. I trust the Universe to help me see the good in everything and in everyone.
  17. If I can change my thoughts, I can change anything.
  18. Money comes to me easily and effortlessly.
  19. I trust the process of life.
  20. I don’t sweat the small stuff.
  21. My body is healthy; my mind is brilliant; my soul is tranquil.
  22. I am full of creative energy and new ideas.
  23. I can overcome any challenge I face.
  24. I feel joy and contentment in this moment.
  25. I feel happy and enthusiastic about life.
  26. I become more successful everyday.
  27. I know exactly what I need to do to achieve success.
  28. I am in charge of how I feel and today I choose happiness.
  29. I am enough.
  30. I have the power to create change.
  31. I let go of all that no longer serves me.
  32. I am brimming with energy and overflowing with joy.
  33. My day begins and ends with gratitude.
  34. I am healthy, whole, and complete.

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