Balancing Your Solar Chakra

Balancing Your Solar Chakra Balanced: self-respect for yourself self-compassion Unbalanced: digestive or intestinal disorders indigestion food allergies eating disorders poor metabolism diabetes obesity eczema acne lack of memory and concentration frequent fearing feeling uncenteres sugar addictions insomnia Ways to Balance Solar Chakra Affirmations (see blog on solar chakra affirmations) Visualize the color yellow Gemstones/Crystals: Amber, […]

Surviving The NICU

Surviving The NICU I have kept my birth experience a secret for a very long time from everyone. I still remember every detail, every smell, every sound Having a child in the NICU is, in my opinion, the scariest situation a parent can ever be in. When you are pregnant, you never think your child […]

All About The Solar Chakra

All About The Solar Chakra Affirmative Statement (Affirmations) I will I think I act Anatomical Location Center of belly under the rib cage Association & Qualities Will Power Self Empowerment Motivation Vitality Strength Energy and Action Morality Ego Judgement Center for Personal Power Self Desire to Express Individuality Archangel/Angelic Vibration Uriel Angels of Peace Animal […]

An Open Letter To My Child’s Father

The best decision I ever made was leaving you. You told me if I ever left that I would never be able to pursue my dreams. But, once again you were wrong. You used your job title and badge as a shield to block who you really are. But, your manipulations, lies, condescending, abusive demeanor […]

Things To Do On Valentine's Day For the SINGLES

I always called Valentine’s Day a “hallmark holiday” because when you are in a relationship, you should love, respect, and spoil that special person everyday. But, Valentine’s Day can be a depressing day for some people who are single and have no one to celebrate the day with. Just because you are not in a […]

5 Signs You Are Unhappy At Work

We have all been there! We have all worked somewhere we HATED!!! In 2018 and most of 2019, I worked for someone who was an absolute terrible human being! He would watch the cameras non stop. He would make passive aggressive comments about my weight even though I just had a baby and was a […]