Roll On Romance

ROLL ON ROMANCE ADD essential oils and 20 drops of carrier oil to a roller bottle LOVE POTION NUMBER 9 ❤ 15 drops Ylang Ylang 8 drops Bergamot 8 drops Black Pepper DATE NIGHT 15 drops Joy 10 drops Bergamot 5 drops Geranium O ROMEO, ROMEO 15 drops Idaho Blue Spruce 15 drops Hong Kuai […]

Self Sabotage 101

You are your own worst enemy Definition Destructive behavior directed towards yourself which affects your relationship with yourself and others Self Sabotage Behaviors procrastination self-medicate with drugs or alcohol comfort eating self-injury (i.e. cutting) once a relationship gets serious, you run negative self talk perfectionism quit easily fear success let others monopolize your time People […]

Meet Dr. Jessica

I help you break generational patterns and consciously create a new version of yourself. Dr. Jessica is a: Transformational Life Coach Manifestation Coach Spiritual Coach Self Love Guru Chiropractor CEO Light Worker Empath Single Mom NICU Mom Author Post Partum Depression Advocate Dr. Jessica’s mission is to empower spiritual, mental, and physical awareness through mindful, […]