Roll On Romance

ROLL ON ROMANCE ADD essential oils and 20 drops of carrier oil to a roller bottle LOVE POTION NUMBER 9 ❤ 15 drops Ylang Ylang 8 drops Bergamot 8 drops Black Pepper DATE NIGHT 15 drops Joy 10 drops Bergamot 5 drops Geranium O ROMEO, ROMEO 15 drops Idaho Blue Spruce 15 drops Hong Kuai […]

Meditation With Essential Oils

Meditation With Essential Oils Meditation is about staying present, getting a healthy sense of perspective, and learning to observe without judgment. It allows you to stay in-tune with your body. Benefits of Meditation: decrease blood pressure increase immunity improves sleep promotes healthy emotions lowers cortisol levels improve chronic pain enhances self-awareness may reduce age related […]

Inner Child Essential Oil

Inner Child Essential Oil Calms and Reconnects You to Your Core Inner Child: is for those suffering from abuse helps you reconnect with your inner self stimulate memory response helps you find emotional balance Top 7 Reasons For Releasing Your Inner Child Release emotional childhood wounds Release unresolved shoulder burden or back pain Nurture love […]

Harmony Essential Oil

Harmony Essential Oil ONE OF MY FAVORITE OILS!!! Benefits promotes physical and emotional well-being brings harmonic balance to the energy centers of the body promotes calming Ways To Use 1-2 drops on each chakra diffuse in your home or car wear of ears, forehead, or bottom of the feet Contact Dr. Jessica today: schedule your […]

Surrender Essential Oil

Surrender Essential Oil Release Stress & Let Go Uses agitation anger argumentative release locked up anger and frustration calming emotions emotional upheaval and stress excessive expression unwind before bed stress focus irritability jealousy mental stress mind nervousness obsessiveness resentment restlessness. Benefits Balance and calm emotions Release controlling and/or unfocused behaviors Release resistance to change and […]

Abundance Essential Oil

Abundance MANIFESTATION BLEND Abundance Fun Facts: attract wealth and health frequency is the same as your brain! frequency of the harmonic magnetic energy field that surrounds us Abundance in: finances love success happiness health Ingredients Rich and Spicy Aroma Orange Frankincense (Boswellia carteri) Patchouli (Pogostemon cablin) Clove (Syzygium aromaticum) Ginger (Zingiber officinale) Myrrh (Commiphora myrrha) Cinnamon (Cinnamomum verum) Spruce (Picea mariana) Ways […]

Joy Essential Oil

Joy Essential Oil (one of my FAVORITE oils!!!!) Benefits uplifting scent mood boosting calms emotions exotic fragrance promotes peace ease nerves balancing Ingredients Bergamot Ylang Ylang Geranium Rosewood Lemon Mandarin Jasmine Roman Chamomile Palmarosa Rose Ways to Use 1-2 drops on a tissue and inhale 3-4 drops in your bath to boost mood 2 drops […]

Stress Away Essential Oil

Stress Away Benefits reduce occasional nervous tension reduce stress improve sleeping elevate an individual’s state of mind reduce anxiety supports immune system, nervous system, and digestive system Ingredients Copaiba Lime Cedarwood Vanilla Lavender Ocotea How to Use inhale topical Ways to Use diffuse when you get home from a long day add a few drops […]

Peace & Calming Essential Oil

Peace and Calming When your mind is calm, you are able to focus and think clearly. This oil allows you to visualize your goals and dreams truthfully through your heart. relieves anxiety promotes deep sleep calms kids uplifts Ways to Use rub 1-2 drops on the bottom of your feet and back of your neck […]

Raven – the Cleansing Blend

Raven Cleansing Blend Benefits support immune system aid in respiratory function improves mood relieve headaches promotes opening of the Solar and Heart Chakra antioxidant use for: cold flu sinusitis congestion asthma emphysema allergies pnuemonia bronchitis strep/sore throat acne ringworm stuffy nose coughs cold sores surface cleaner Ingredients Ravensara Eucalyptus Wintergreen Peppermint Lemon How to Use […]

Panaway Essential Oil

PANAWAY Benefits relieve back pain headache relief fibromyalgia relief healing bruises sore muscles relief healing shin splints mood booster relieving stress soothing menstrual discomfort increases circulation Ingredients Wintergreen Peppermint Clove Helichrysum How To Use Combine with a carrier oil to create a soothing massage oil or cream Diffuse for a spa-like experience Rub onto joints and […]

Lemon Essential Oil

Benefits fight fatigue ease stress, anxiety and insomnia stimulate immune system alleviate pain promote weight loss improve mood cleanse toxins fight bacteria and fungi stimulate lymphatic drainage relieves nausea improve digestion address conditions such as: acne athlete’s foot depression warts varicose veins Ways to Use add 40 drops of lemon oil and 20 drops of […]